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Promises Kept

When I ran in 2016, I promised my constituents to be a strong voice of support or opposition on a variety of issues. Through the 2016 campaign, I worked hard to uphold these guarantees to the voters. The following are several of the issues that I advocated for and/or will continue working for on behalf of the residents of the 21st District and the state of Kansas.

For constituents who are still unfamiliar with my position on key issues -- I know it is unusual for a politician to provide direct, comprehensive and detailed answers to questions, free of political misdirection, but, when you vote for me I want it to be an informed vote that you can support as together we address these critical issues.

When first elected to the Kansas House of Representatives in 2016, I promised my constituents that I would support:


  • Full funding for our public schools, colleges, and universities.

  • Expanding Medicaid

  • Fulfilling our KPERS responsibilities and funding.

  • Returning due process rights to all Kansas teachers.

  • Providing the transportation funds necessary to keep our highways safe and modern.

  • Legislation to ensure our elections are honest and easily accessible to all eligible Kansans.

  • Creating a fair system of taxation spread across ALL sectors of the Kansas economy.

  • Eliminating one of the highest sales taxes on food in the nation.

  • Reducing disproportionally high property taxes.

  • Ensuring women’s access to healthcare and control over their own bodies.

  • Making Kansas number one in wind and solar power generation.

  • Legalizing medical cannabis to give doctors an alternative to the use of opioids.

  • Reforming our criminal justice system and our overcrowded and expensive prison system.

  • Providing the necessary programs to keep our most vulnerable children safe and healthy.

  • Promoting changes to make state government cost effective, accessible and transparent.

  • Returning state support for the arts and the Creative Arts Industry

  • Common sense laws aimed at reducing gun violence.

  • Returning as much local control as possible to local governments.

  • EVERY Kansan being afforded their civil and human rights regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or political views.

  • Bipartisan cooperation in order to craft and pass the best possible legislation.

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  •    Funding Public Education

  •    Making College Affordable

  •    Expanding Medicaid

  •    Making Voting Easier

  •    Constituent Relations

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